Can You Really Lose Weight Without Cardio?

“4 Things About How To Lose Weight Without Cardio That Nobody Tells You About…”

Call me controversial ..but I think they will never work.

Do you spend hours on the stationary bike or the treadmill, but you’re still not burning fat?

If so, it’s time to make some changes to your workout and discover how to lose weight without cardio.

Too much cardio is just as bad as no exercise at all.

It not only leaves you tired, but also causes muscle loss and decreases metabolism.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

Can you lose weight without Cardio?…

Here are five startling reasons you must avoid excessive cardio if your goal is to burn fat FAST:


Too Much Cardio Drains Your Energy!

It is possible to lose weight without cardio.

Be warned…

Long cardio sessions will drain your energy, causing muscle fatigue and loss of strength!lose weight without cardio

It can also make it harder to recover from your workouts, so you’ll have a hard time keeping your body at a fat burning optimum anyway.

On top of that, you will lack the strength and energy needed for the fat burning process.

Although exercise is a great way to boost your energy and stamina, it doesn’t mean you should overdo it.

When your body is constantly exposed to stress, it begins to store calories for fuel.

Too much cardio also weakens your immune system, which puts you at risk for colds, flu, infections, and more serious diseases.

If you get sick, you won’t be able to work out and stick to your diet.

Mistake #2

Excessive Cardio Makes You Hungry!

One of the most common reasons why people fail to burn fat is because they reward themselves with food after exercise.

Too much cardio can mess up the satiety hormones ghrelin and leptin, causing hunger pangs and cravings.

Since you’re low on energy, the chances of binge eating increase.

Additionally, high cortisol levels increase hunger and make you crave sugar.

Many people are hungry all day as a result of doing too much to lose weight without cardio and burn fat

Some manage to stick to their diet during the day, but end up binging on food at night.

Excessive cardio causes mental and physical stress, which leads to increased hunger, inflammation, and weight gain.

All these things combined makes long Cardio sessions almost pointless!

When you do too much Cardio exercise, your entire body suffers.

There are other things you can do that are far better to lose weight without cardio.

Such as the methods found here in my free “Burn Fat – No Cardio” guide.

Mistake #3

Excessive Cardio Slows Down Your Metabolism

If you go overboard with your cardio, your metabolic rate will definitely decrease.

The long hours spent on the treadmill coupled with excessive caloric restriction burn muscle, causing your body to burn fewer calories at rest.

Muscle tissue requires more energy to sustain itself, whereas fatty tissue uses fewer calories.

It’s all about survival.another reason to lose weight without cardio

This process is known as metabolic adaptation.

It’s perfectly normal for your metabolism to slow down when you go on a diet or engage in long cardio sessions.

If your goal is to lose weight without cardio, train smart.

Excessive cardio can do more harm than good.

Be patient and do as little cardio work as necessary to see results.

Mistake #4

Long Cardio Sessions Will Cause Weight Gain

Believe it or not, excessive cardio can make you put on fat.

Once you start losing muscle and your metabolism decreases, the pounds will add up.there are a lot of ways to lose weight without cardio

Your body will adapt to the physical demands of exercise, and learn to survive on fewer calories.

Additionally, too much cardio elevates the stress hormone cortisol levels.

When produced in excess, cortisol messes up your hormones and causes your body to store fat.

High cortisol levels are linked to abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, sluggish metabolism, and diabetes.

These factors combined can lead to an increase in body fat percentage.

Your next steps to lose weight without cardio…

how to burn fat and lose weight without cardio